About Me

Ethos - Above all, speaking French has to be enjoyable. It’s a bit like learning a new sport, it has to be fun from day one. There’s no point in spending 5 years learning something before it becomes useful, relevant and enjoyable. If you can have a conversation along the lines of ‘Bonjour. Ça va? Oui, ça va bien merci, et toi?’ - then you ARE speaking French.

Adults - The emphasis again is on having fun whilst learning French. I use course books as a framework with additional material from films, books and magazines etc. Personally I love grammar and am always happy to return to the nuts and bolts of a tense but essentially, the content of the lessons are driven very much by the students and what they want out of it.

Students - Young people are already learning French at school; therefore my approach tends to be different. It’s ultimately about confidence and a lot of the time is devoted to SPEAKING French (at AS the oral content makes up 30% of the ultimate grade). I also tackle students’ particular problem areas such as the passé composé, word order, pronouns etc. Before exams or controlled assessments I will focus on enhancing strengths, bolstering weaknesses, tightening up written presentations and rehearsing oral ones.

Accent - I have lived in France and have a fabulous accent!

Qualifications - I have a degree in French, 2 post-grad Diplomas in Marketing and Business Studies and also speak Spanish and Italian. I have been a qualified TEFL teacher for 15 years. I don’t have a PGCE but am fully conversant with all the GCSE and A level syllabi, exams and boards and will be keeping up to date with the promised forthcoming changes.

CRB - I have a recent Criminal Records Bureau certificate.

“G was really struggling with her French and to be honest, wished she hadn’t chosen it!...” KC